Nitro Lookbook

1 - Preface

Hey….Does your store look boring and are you fed up with that, are’nt you? Try to use our new app, we will help you to increase revenue with lookbook app. Trust me !!!
Because 'Nitro Lookbook' allow you to create realistic lookbooks for your products. Your customers can buy products from Instagram images or any images. Help your customers to visualize what they purchase from you.

2 - With this app you will get…

Get live support life time Free to install and config You can use all lookbook types (5 types) Get well document, usually update Display lookbook every where without coding

2.1 - Easy to use without coding required:

Supports 5 lookbook types: Slider, Masonry, Flip, Draw, Instagram Powerful with Shortcode Add pages to your Lookbook. Display on product page Easy to configure Display on blog page Powerful app options Well documented Live support

2.2 - Other features:

Drag and drop marker to lookbook image. Customise title, text, font, color, border, url, youtube iframe, google map iframe…. Auto suggest product search. Draw Lookbook Responsive design UNLIMITED Lookbook galleries and images. Display EVERYWHERE with SHORTCODE

2.3 - Simple to install and use

Just follow some steps below to understand how to install and use. Click to the green “GET” button to install app. Accept app permissions Go to Nitro Lookook and start creating your Lookbook Copy Shortcode after created Paste ANYWHERE to display lookbook
You can install the app from the link: Nitro Lookbook

2.4 - $10/month with 10-day free trial

*(All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days)
This App supports 5 lookbook types: Slider, Masonry, Flip, Draw, Instagram Powerful by using Shortcode to embed anywhere on your sit
Note: This app is optional. But if you want to install this app then you must pay.
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