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Mega Menu

Go to Sections Header + Announcement
The menu is just a single text without sub items, you can add a URL to this text, add a label, custom color of the label

2 - Some keywords

2.1 - [title]

Highlight an item's name by bold it.

2.2 - {Hot}, {New}, {Sale}, {Mini lable}

Highlight the item name by adding an attached mini label.
Change color of label in section Variants + Label menu:

2.3 - breakcol

Used to break columns

2.4 - breakline

Add a space between items when you use styles Item menu Multi column

3 - Item menu Standard

It is just a simple menu format that does not include media

4 - Item menu Standard Col

Automatically split columns by level.

5 - Item Menu Per Column

Automatically split columns when you have a long menu and at the same level.

6 - Item menu Multi column

Split the column on demand and break it wherever you want. (Works best when items are of the same level)
Use breakcol and breakline keywords.

7 - Item menu Promo

In this type of menu you can add media content or custom codes next to the linklist.