Mega Menu (Vertical)

Which has a vertical menu BROWSER CATEGORIES with its MEGA MENU like below

1 - How to config this type of Menu?

1.1 - Go to Admin > Navigation > Add menu

1.2 - Create a New Menu with Categories. This menu have menu items and sub menu items.

We call this menu “Parent Menu (Parent Link)”.

Now the Menu will show in the place of the text “Browser Categories”, However if you want to customize the banner images on mega menu, you have to go to the Builder to config it.

2 - You need to create a page with these parameters:

"title": "Vertical menu Builder",
"handle": "vertical-menu",
"template_suffix": "vertical-menu"

Navigate to Mega Menu Builder viewport

You will see the list of Vertical Menu section in order

2.1 - Click to Edit one of these Vertical Menu

You must select exactly the Parent Menu here

  • Click Add content to add elements onto the Mega menu

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